Blue Tomato

I am very happy to announce my newest sponsor: Blue Tomato. Blue Tomato and my other sponsors have teamed up to give you the chance to win some of my gear. If you have any interest in winning some new gear or you simply want to find out more, head to this link:

Until then, check out my welcome to the team edit:

Stay Tuned, The my backyard edit will be dropping soon.


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My Backyard Teaser

So the reason for the radio silence on the blog is for the video below. I have been workign hard with an epic crew this season in Australia to produce this project. Everything has been going really smoothly and I am stoked on what we have so far. Only a couple more shoots left to go. If you are stoked on the edit please feel free to share!



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to much going on

This last few weeks have been nuts. I have been trying to ski as much as possible, trying to get shots for the redbull clip, I’ve had Bobby and his brother Peter staying with me and to top it all off I have broken my hand.

I did manage to get a few shots on the rails in the park before I broke my hand which was nice, but since breaking it, I haven’t been able to hold poles and I feel like I want to have poles while I am shooting.

Shooting in the pole jam rail the morning I broke my hand

This is what it looks like after giving a rail a high five

So since I have had the broken hand, I have been skiing with no poles. Which isn’t so bad it just means I cant grab with my left hand. We have had a few early morning sessions in the park while Bobby and Peter were here as well which I love doing. Not only is the light epic, the park is awesome at that time of day. The landings are soft and forgiving which is really nice on the body!


The view of the park at 7am is pretty darn good!

No poles cork 5

The plan now is to keep skiing as much as possible and as soon as I can hold poles again, start filming some more for the ”My Backyard” project!

I’ll try and keep the blog happening as best I can but it gets hard to write a blog when you are doing the same things everyday!

Over and out


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back in the park

So even though I have to try and get shots for my film project, I still need to spend time in the park and get my tricks back to where they were before surgery. I feel like I am progressing really fast and have most of my jumps tricks back. I definitely haven’t done them all but I am feeling great on my ski’s and I think the hardest thing to get back after knee surgery is confidence, something I am working hard on getting back.

Two days ago, on Sunday, it was a bluebird day in the park. It’s mid winter here in Australia and I swear it felt like spring. It was warm and slushy and the jumps were epic. Granted they are not the biggest jumps but they are great for me to get back on my feet. I have just been trying to spin in both directions as much as I possible can, and eventually that led me to the decision that I should try a rightside double cork 1260. Even though the jump I did it on is only about 40 – 45ft, it still seemed like a great plan.

I’m pretty sure under flip 540 Stale is one of the most fun tricks you can do :)

I tried two of them, the first one was the right rotation but I slightly under rotated and landed on my side which made me slide out. The 2nd one I took a bit more speed and it felt absolutely normal. I was super scared to try this trick because it was the trick the tore my left ACL.

It definitely feels good to be getting my confidence back and to be doing so many of my tricks again!

Cork 3 hand drag on the rainbow rail. I over shot this on my first attempt and probably went about 60ft to flat haha. Good to know the knees work ;)

Today is a day off and the perfect time to start planning some more shoots and send some emails!

Over and out


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My Back Yard

Since the last post I have been busy busy busy. As some of you may already know, since you follow me on my other social media accounts, I have been given the opportunity, thanks to Redbull Australia, to film a small mini movie about skiing in Australia. We have decided to call it ”My Backyard”.

I have wanted to do something like this for years but because of one reason or another, it could never happen. I am so stoked to finally have it happen and I cant wait to show you guys the finished product.

Obviously I would love to keep post’s flowing on my website, but it becomes tough when I spend 8h a day on the hill shoveling/shooting a feature. I want to keep the features relatively secret so that when the movie comes out, everyone is surprised :)

A sneak peak of one of the features we built and hit!

Heading back up the hill today for some more scouting for features I would love to do.

Over and out,


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