A more serious leg routine

As you may have guessed, I have returned from yet another physio session but today I did a leg work out after the physio session. My leg workout is becoming more and more normal. It is practically back to the exercises I was doing post surgery (except for the weight, I still have a bit of work to do before I’m back to the same weights).

This is what my Leg routine consisted of today:

- Squats

- Leg Press

- Lunges

- Deadlifts

- Hamstring Curls

In the gym I am starting to notice an increase in the amount of weight I am able to lift. For example, last week I was doing 80kg leg press and this week I bummed it up to 100kg, no problem. Last week I was doing 35kg squats and this week I bumped it up to 50kg squats. Its nice to see the weights getting heavier and it helps keep me motivated to keep heading back to the gym!

I’m getting a lot better at the balance work on the mini-trampoline!

100kg Leg Press :)

15kg each side and a 20kg bar = 50kg squat :)

Besides the regular gym work outs, I have been doing a lot of the physio exercises given to me by Pam. These have been consisting of light jogging, cycling and small hopping and jumping exercises. They are starting to feel pretty decent but the one thing I have noticed, is I am missing a lot of my explosive power and I feel quite sluggish. It’s just another aspect of the rehab I will have to work on and I have to remember I am only 5 and a half weeks out of surgery!

Laura has been helping me every step of the way through my rehab :)

It feels nice to be able to jog again

A new one I was given is running in figure 8′s and having a ball thrown to me. Doesn’t seem like much but its quite a challenge

Over and out


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More exercises

Just a quick update on the knees and where I am at after today’s physio session. My knees are going great and more and more exercises are being introduced.

Today I was in the squat rack for the first time, even though it was a relatively light weight it still felt good to be able to squat again. I was also cleared to do a few more exercises, even though I didn’t do them today, and I should be right to do them over the next week before my next session with my physio, Pam. The other exercises are straight legged dead lifts, jogging and after the weekend has past, road biking.

30kg Squat. Definetly not the heaviest I have done but still feels good to be squatting again.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself with these exercises and seeing the progress from where I am at today, to the end of next week!

On another note, check this out, I really really wish I could have gone to this event this year:


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So since I have been back in Australia I have been keeping my eye’s out for deals on flights so that Laura and I could go on a short holiday before the winter season kicks off here in Australia. Turns out yesterday we found pretty decent flights to Hawaii and we booked them.

The holiday is scheduled in for the 15th of next month. Obviously from now until then all I will be doing is hitting the gym and doing rehab but it gives me something to aim for. Hopefully by the time I go on this holiday I can run, swim and potentially surf? who knows what stage I will be at but hopefully I am able to enjoy the beach for 2 weeks before the Australian season.

Looking forward to heading back, I had a stop over for 5 days when I was 18 and haven’t been back since so I am really excited!



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Progress Report

Today I had yet another physio session with Pam Climpson. Things are really starting to pick up the pace now and my knees are starting to feel relatively normal. I’m getting in and out of chairs normally, walking normally and practically sleeping normally.

At this stage in the rehab you begin to focus on proprioceptive exercises. (Like the ones I have described in previous posts about my rehab.) Obviously as the rehab goes on the exercises are made more difficult. Today I was doing minor directional changes while jogging up and down the hallway. So basically I would run close to the left wall and then use my left leg to spring over to the right side of the hallway and continue jogging. I would go back and forth doing this on both sides.

Hopping on my right leg over to the left.

In the gym the exercises are also starting to get harder. I am starting to lift more weights on the leg press machine and hamstring curl machine. Today on the leg press machine I did 3 sets of 20 repetitions of 60kg. I am adding 5 kilo’s or 5 reps to the workout every time I go down to the gym. Hopefully I will be back to leg pressing the amount I usually do.

My knees are almost starting to look normal

One thing that is holding me back slightly is my left knee cap. Some of you may already know, and some may not, that I shattered my knee cap into 30 pieces when I was about 16 years old. Because of this if I do to much exercises or load my knee to much it begins to ache and it gets quite sore. Its not exactly what you want when you are rehabbing a double ACL injury, but it’s something I have to learn to work around in order to get my knees back to normal

In other news, I got up at 3am to watch JOI the other night and it was the most frustrating experience I have ever had. I got the stream working but it would only play when someone was dropping in, then right as they would get to the lip of the jump, the player would freeze and I would miss the tricks. This continued to happen for about an hour and a half and eventually I gave up trying to watch the event and went to bed in a fit of rage. I did get to see some highlights of the event and HOLY CRAP the event looked sick. Congrats to everyone!

I guess I will check back in here with another progress report on my knees after my next physio session.

Over and out


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1 month

The title to this blog post is pretty self explanatory, I’m one month out of surgery. If you had of told me one month ago I would be doing the things I am now in my rehab program, I would have laughed and said no way. Its crazy to see just how fast things are coming along and how much better my knees are getting everyday. In saying that, even though I am stoked on my knee’s, its still pretty hard to see all the videos and photo’s coming out of events that are happening at the moment. But it just drives me to come back better than before and it makes me work that much harder ;)

Today I had yet another physio session and I got some more fun exercises given to me. With this weeks exercise, I jump of a small step, and land on one leg and then hop onto the other leg. I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous to try and jump and land on one leg at first, but after I had done it and realized there was no problem, I was really stoked.

Mid way through a hope off the step.

Right now the plan is to relax and take care of a few things today and then head back to the gym and do a ”leg” workout. When I say this it is basically combining all the rehab exercises I have been given into one giant work out.


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