Damn Austria is a long way from Jindabyne. Yesterday was one super long day of travel but everything went pretty damn smooth which always makes it nice. I flew Canberra – Melbourne – Dubai – Munich. I somehow managed to get 10 hours of sleep on the Melbourne – Munich leg of the flight which made me feel way better when I arrived.

It took me this long to get from my front door in Jindabyne to the Legs Of Steel house in Innsbruck

The weather seems to be following me everywhere this year. Its raining and overcast here in Austria and it looks like it could be like that for the next few days. Fingers crossed it clears because I really want to get started on some filming!

Rainy Innsbruck

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Let the travels begin

Right now I am sitting in Canberra airport waiting for my first flight. I am on my way to Europe to film with the Legs of Steel at Stubai Glacier. Its going to be a long day of travel but I am super stoked to be heading back to Europe and to be filming again.

Here is a video of what I would say is the Legs of Steel’s craziest park shoot ever. Hopefully we manage to get something as crazy as this while I”m over there!

Time to board the first flight,

See you on the other side,


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The season isn’t over yet!

Since the last post, I have spent a hell of a lot of time skateboarding, I’ve been to Queensland on a little beach holiday for my mum’s 50th and then I have also been organizing another trip.

I knew there was a possibility of going back over to do some filming but I just didn’t think it was going to happen, but I am happy to say everything has come together and I get to head back over and do some filming.

On Thursday I am flying to Austria to meet up the the Legs of Steel crew for a two week park shoot on Stubai Glacier. I am really looking forward to being back over there and I can wait to get back on my ski’s! From what I have seen with plans of the features, this shoot is definitely one you don’t want to miss!

Building for the feature has already begun!

For those of you wondering where Stubai glacier is…

I have quite a lot to take care of before heading back over seas so hopefully I can get it done!

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Blog Holiday

Well the title kind of says it all, since being home I decided to give myself a little blog holiday. Although I haven’t really stopped since being home so it hasn’t really felt like a Holiday!

After getting back to Australia, I had two days at home and then I drove down to Melbourne. In Melbourne I had and OWIA (Olympic Winter Institute of Australia) induction day, SSA (Ski and Snowboard Australia) Awards night and the Wings for life World Run.

First up was the induction day which was quite informative and I actually learn’t a few things throughout the day.Then I had the SSA awards and I managed to snag slopestyle Athlete of the year!

My self with Alex Pullin, Britt Cox, Laura Peel and Scotty James. Congrats to Laura and Scotty for getting Athlete’s of the year!

Following the induction was the Wings for Life world run. I had a couple of days to kill in between so I got to go and skate St Kilda skate park. I haven’t spent much time skating over the last 6 months so it felt pretty damn good to be back on the board.

St Kilda Skate park is pretty damn fun! I was definitely a bit rusty on the board though.

Then it was time for the run. For those of you who don’t know, it’s is a charity run with all the proceeds going to spinal chord research. Basically the finish line for the race is a car and it chases you. What I mean by this is there is a chaser car that starts 30 minutes after you and when the car overtakes you your race is done. I was pretty skeptical on how far I was going to make it in the run with my knees but I actually surprised myself and made it to 10km!

10km marker. Not bad for the knees!

I am now back in Jindy and I am looking forward to relaxing and having a little down time! Its been a hectic week since I have been back and now I feel like I need a little break!

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Sorry for taking so long to get a post back up on here. I have been having problems with my computer charger and haven’t been able to charge and use my computer. It’s all sorted now so expect it to be back up and running like normal!

Anyway, the trip home was one of the longer trips I have done in recent memory. After JOI we had an extra day in Are before flying down to Stockholm. Then we had a night there before flying to L.A, where we had another night and then flew from there back to Australia.

It feels amazing to finally be home. I think I was away for close to 6 months so getting back home and walking through the from door was one of the best feelings ever!

The northern hemisphere season this year was definitely a weird one, with bad snow conditions and bad weather making it a very challenging one, but it was definitely a lot of fun. I got to see so many rad places and had so much fun skiing with all my mates! Thanks to everyone for making this such a fun season!

My season isn’t quite over yet. I  am heading to Melbourne early next week for a week and then back to Jindabyne for 2 weeks and then I have to decide if I fly back to Europe for some more skiing. The Legs of Steel are having a park shoot in Austria at the end of may and I have to decided if it is something I want to do. I would have to fly over for another 2 weeks! I guess over the next few weeks I’ll have to make the decision on whether I go over or not. I let you guys know what I decide to do!

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