Mammoth grand Prix

This event was definitely a challenge. Not because of the course, not because of how I was feeling but purely because of the weather conditions we faced while we were there.

Laura and I drove to Mammoth from San Francisco on the 18th and arrived to pretty decent weather. The first scheduled training was the next day. We woke to find that it was bluebird but really windy. So windy in fact that training was 3h long and I did my jump run once and it was within the last 15 mins of training. It definitely wasn’t the best conditions to do tricks in but I had looked at the weather forecast earlier and it looked like a blizzard was going to move through.

The forecast was right and we sat in a blizzard fro the next 3-4 days with training sessions being canceled and the qualifying being pushed. The event organizer’s did there best tp make things happen and eventually cam to the conclussion that the best way to go ahead with the event was to run everything on Sunday as it looked like the sun was going to come back out.

Sunday was a huge day, with both Qualifiers and finals all in the 1 day. Training started at 830am and we had 40mins to try and get our run sorted before the event kicked off. I felt great in training and managed to get all my tricks. Before the qualifiers kicked off there was a lot of discussion about if the event should happen or not with how unpredictable the winds were. Eventually they decided to run the event, which I think was the right call.

First run in Qualifiers I managed to land all my rails perfect, then coming into the first jump I could feel a tail wind. I thought I had slowed down enough to make the landing comfortably with my trick. I was wrong. I managed to do a dub 12 about 25ft past the sweet spot and I landed on my back knocking the wind out of myself. Definitely not what I had envisioned for my first run of qualifiers.

I’m not going to lie, going into the 2nd run of qualifiers I was really nervous. All I wanted to do was make finals and I would be stoked. I managed to put my run down and it was enough to put me through to the finals.

Finals were crazy. I planned on doing a run I had never done before and one I wanted to do for the last 3 or so years. I wanted to do 3 double cork 12′s on the jumps. I managed to stomp the first run, although not as clean as I would of liked it. It was still enough to put me in 3rd going into the 2nd run.

2nd run I landed everything perfect until I got to the last jump. I got a gust of wind and freaked out in the air. I set a right dub 12 but opened up and tried to stop the rotation as I was so scared. I managed to over shoot and land on my back for a 2nd time that day, knocking the wind out of myself again.

It was definitely painful but I am super thankful that I am ok! The rest of the event was super nerve wrecking. I was in 3rd and there was another 6 people to drop after me. One by one the scores came in and I was somehow holding onto the 3rd place position. Then the last rider, Oystein Braten, put down and epic run and bumped into 3rd, putting my into 4th position.

Even though it was frustrating to be so close to the podium, I am still super stoked with the result and even more stoked that I was able to land the run I had been dreaming of for a while :)

The View from my room wasn’t bad at all.

Waiting for my score after the 1st run of finals

The Video below is  my crash in the last run of finals. It definitely wasn’t nice on the body:

Time to rest the body!


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Dew Tour Semi Finals

Well today was definitely a tough one. I got to the mountain right on time for training and I think we got about 5 runs on the course before training was done and qualifiers were set to begin. I felt really good in training, got all my tricks and felt solid on my skis. The only down fall was that as training was going on the  light was getting flatter and flatter, making it increasingly harder to see.

By the time it rolled around to my first run, the light was horrible which meant it was only going to make my job harder. I ended up putting everything to my feet (all by feel by the way because I couldn’t spot the landings) but came unstuck on the last jump. I under rotated the switch dub 10 slightly and slid out. I some how managed to tweak my knee a little as well and it was pretty painful.

I went back to the top to have it looked at and it turns out its fine but I have some pretty decent bone bruising on the outside of my knee. I figured I would try and do my 2nd run and try to push through the pain. This run was probably the most excruciating run I have ever done. It hurt hitting the rails, on the take offs of the jumps and landing any tricks. I ultimately couldn’t put it to my feet in the end which sucks.

Pretty bummed I was able to make it through to the finals but I am happy with how i have been skiing. I feel like I am skiing solid and I have my tricks sorted, its just a shame I couldn’t see the landings as well as I would have liked and went down on both runs.

Time to rest the knee for a few days and watch the other boys kill it. Unfortunately though the weather looks like its only going to get worse as the weekend approaches. I hope its decent weather for everyone on the weekend.

Over and out,


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Double Cork to Rail

Most of you would have probably seen the trick I managed to land at the end of the season up at Perisher, a double for 1170 to rail.

Its a trick that as been playing on my mind for a very long time now. I had always thought it was possible but I obviously had to wait until such a time that the set up would be perfect. I spoke with Perisher about mid way through the season to try and get this project to happen as I figured it was time to just try the trick. Eventually it was all locked in, Perisher was going to build the feature and the the shoot was happening.

I was super stressed in the lead up to the trick as I had absolutely no idea on how the trick would turn out. I had to keep putting the scary thoughts out of my head and focus on how I was going to make the trick happen.

What was giving me the most trouble was that I couldn’t decided if I wanted to do a dub 10 and shiffty my legs or under rotate a dub 12. I ended up going for the under rotated dub 12 and I’m glad I did because it worked out better than I could have imagined :)

Right now I am on a little summer vacation with Laura with limited internet access. I have another 8 days before heading back into the real world.

Stay tuned,


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Offical Legs Of Steel Trailer

The legs of steel have just released their official trailer for their up coming movie Passenger. Take a look and you’ll get an idea of just how awesome this movie is going to be:


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One Hit Wonder

So the AFP gold level One Hit Wonder is done and dusted and it was a super fun time. The jump this year was really good and the level of skiing showed that.

The comp format was a follows: the 20 riders were split into two heats for qualifying. We were given 2 runs with our best run counting and moving 5 of us from each heat through to finals. Once in finals we had a further two runs to try and put down the best trick we possibly could.

I was in heat two for qualifying and after watching heat one it was pretty apparent I was going to need to do a triple of I wanted to do well. The only thing I had working against me is the fact that I had stitches in my hand and every time I would try and grab mute it was pretty painful.

My first run of qualifying I did a dub 12 led tail and it was enough to have me in 5th and on the bubble coming into the 2nd run. 2nd run I went for the triple 14. I did one triple in training but completely missed my grab. I managed to stomp the triple but I got the grab a little later than I would have liked. But luckily it was enough to put me through to finals.

In finals I knew I had to do triples again and I knew I had to do them perfect. First run I did a triple 14 mute and landed it the best I probably could have. After first runs were complete I was sitting in 5th. I knew I had to try and step it up so in the 2nd run I did something I’d never done before. I landed a triple 14 mute to japan. Unfortunately my landing wasn’t as clean as I would of liked so I settled for my first run score and stayed in 5th.

Just to give you an idea of how hectic the top 5 runs were, I did a triple 14 mute for 5th, Woodsy did a triple 14 saftey for 4th, Jackson Wells did a triple 10 saftey for 3rd, Jesper Tjader did a switch triple 12 for 2nd and Oscar wester did a triple 16 saftey for 1st. As you can see it was a pretty hectic final and I was glad I landed the tricks I did and even learnt a knew grab variation in one of them.

Congrats to all the boys that competed and thanks for making it such a fun event.

Photo: Nick Hill

Photo: Nick Hill

Time to get ready and do some more skiing :)


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