park park park

Since the last post, I have had another two days in the park, and I am pretty sure they have been the best two park days I have had this season. Sunday was the last day in the park before the rebuild and it was super fun. Because of all the snow we have had this season, a lot of the features had gotten a lot smaller. This meant everything was mini shred and super fun.

Then on Sunday night the park was rebuilt and we awoke on Monday to 3 super fun jumps in the park. I had only hit small jumps this season and the bottom jump was rebuilt to 50ft. Definitely not the biggest jump I have hit but it was big enough for me to get my feet back and try some tricks. I am 17 weeks post surgery and I managed to do my first double corks yesterday. If you had of asked me if I would have been doing tricks like this 17 weeks ago I probably would have said ” No way” and laughed. Its crazy how fast I am progressing and I am so stoked on the decision I made to have this type of surgery :)

This is what the park looked like on Sunday. It was so much fun :)

The new gap rail is pretty fun!

I am super stoked on the progression I am making and I cant wait to get back in the park! I am absolutely loving skiing right now.

Over and out,


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Pow and park

Sorry for the lack of post’s. Since my last post, my computer charger decided to die and I have only just got a new one, which means now I can get back on top of my blogging.

The last few days have been epic becauseI have been skiing a lot. I had a few more days in the park and worked on my rail skills. Jumping with my knees feel’s fine, but on rails they still feel a little sluggish. So I have been trying to ski rails as much as possible to try and get them back to normal. I am slowly but surely starting to get my tricks back as well which is super fun. It’s like I am learning all these tricks all over again because its been so long since I did them :)

I forgot how fun flat spins are :)

Gap 270 on one of perishers new rails

Today was a little different then the last 3 or 4, instead of waking up and grabbing my park skis, I grabbed my fat skis to go ski some pow. This winter just keeps on giving and I don’t think anyone is complaining. I had the best time ripping around the resort with Dhanu and Scott. I know I keep saying it, but having my legs fixed, and being able to rip around with no hesitation, feels absolutely amazing!

I’m lovingr my Volkl One’s. The perfect ski for Australian pow!

Since I just got of the hill, I think I am going to have a stretch and the pass out.

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This last Tuesday I had a full day of jumping in the park. I started off slow and took it relatively easy with the tricks I was doing. I did a lot of 360s and 540s but towards the end of the day I was doing switch 540s and even a couple of cork 7′s. I know it sounds silly because these are tricks I have done a million times, but I don’t think I have ever been so stoked to land these tricks!

I know I keep saying it, but my knees feel amazing. I haven’t had any swelling after skiing and I am not getting any instability while skiing. The first time I had surgery my knee was swelling quite a bit after skiing so for me to not be swelling after skiing now is amazing. My legs are starting to get really tired though, because I have skied the last 10 days in a row, lucky I have a day off coming up soon ;)

Switch 5 japan

Switch 7 critical

Cork 5 tail

Then yesterday was Laura’s birthday and it was one of the funniest days I have ever had on the hill. Laura, Emma, Zac and I all hired snowblades and cruised around having fun. As much fun as the snowblades were, I think ill stick to skiing ;)

Emma and Laura sliding the fat flat box

Yours truly hitting the jump on my blades. It was so much fun!

Heading back up to perisher today to ski some more park. Fingers crossed for some more good weather!


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powder days

It literally hasn’t stopped snowing since the last week so I have been a little preoccupied skiing. I have skied the last 8 days straight with only 1 day of park skiing in there and the rest being pow days shredding around the mountain. I don’t think I have ever seen it snow this much in Australia. The resort has literally gone from zero to hero in a week!

My knees are feeling great skiing around and I am having no problems with them what so ever. Today I gave them a really good test as I came up about 2 foot short on a 10ft gap jump we had been hitting. I landed and came to a complete stop. I sat there and did a mental check to see if I had hurt anything, and even though I was a little shocked from coming to a stop so fast, I was still in one piece and actually stoked that my knees were fine.

Getting ready for a fun day ahead

There are so many fun little rock drops around perisher

Zac sending a fun little drop

Lapped around with Tim for a while as well which was fun

This is a pretty fun little rock wallride at leichhardt

Looks like it is meant to snow again tonight so I will be back up there tomorrow trying to get some more fresh snow. Hopefully after the storms clear we will have an epic park and I can get back in there and try and do some tricks.

Over and out from an overly stoked human,


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It has literally been puking over the last 24 hours here in Australia and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop anytime soon. It snowed 50cm last night and by the time the storm passes later in the week, they are expecting up to 90cm of fresh snow. Feels good to know winter is finally here and there is snow on the ground.

Zac and I decided to try our luck skiing today as we had nothing better to do in Jindabyne. The drive up was an interesting one with the winds causing white out conditions and at some stages I literally couldn’t see 1m in front of the car. We managed to make it to perisher only to find out the V8 and quad chair were on hold. So all we had was two T-bars. I didn’t really care as I just wanted to ski, so we decided to brave the blizzard and go for a few runs.

It was super fun and I can’t wait for the storm to clear and have more of the mountain open. What I was most stoked on was that my knees felt great skiing on some fatter skis and doing some turns in pow. It feels really good to know everything works and it makes me that much more excited for the remainder of the season,

Stay tuned for more from the snowmagedeon storm,


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