Frostgun Big Air

So after spending the last few days debating about weather and if the comp could run today, it luckily did. Which means I dont have to screw around changing flights.

Training for me was super shit. I did a straight air and knuckled so I went 5m higher. Then I did a cork 7 and knuckled so I went another 5 meters higher and tried a cork 7 again and knuckled. So I decided to stop practising and I was contemplating pulling out. Then when they annouced we had one last run I decided I would try a dub 10 just to see if it was possible because I wanted to compete.

Some how I landed the dub 10 and rode away so I then decided I would compete. Qualification was just 2 runs best run counts. I ended up winning qualification with a dub 10.

Then top 8 advanced to a head to head knockout format. It was kind of nerve racking because you only got one chance. I somehow managed to make it to the top 2 spot. I was standing at the top and Loic Callom Batton dropped and did a huge dub cork 12. It was up to me and I only had one attempt. Needless to say I was pretty nervous. I dropped and and did a dub 10 double mute. I stomped it and rode away super stoked. I ended up winning the event so Im pumped.

Warm up 720

The top 8

The mandatory crowd champagne spay

Got to run as I need to pack my bags because I am leaving at 6am tomorrow morning to fly to sweden to chill with Jacob and Sofia. Can’t wait to do some skiing in Sweden.


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