The trip back from L.A turned out to be a nightmare. When we were 1 hr out form Sydney the captain annouces we can’t land due to fog so we will be flying to brisbane, landing, and waiting it out until it gets good enough to land. We did just that and ended up waiting in brisbane for 2 hours. Then once we could finally fly the captain annouced that we had to circle until the traffic congestion in Sydney airport. So what was ment to be a 15 hour flight turned out to be close to 20.

Non the less it feels awesome to be home again. I have been skiing a fair bit since I have been home. The park is getting there with a 7 feature run. I think they will build a kicker at some stage this week but I doubt it will be big as there isnt much snow at the moment.

Boen doing a 450 on

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