New Zealand

I made it. It wasn’t a long trip but im glad its over with. I am always so stoked to come to NZ to shred with all my mates. Snowpark is always super fun and sick to ride and going off what I saw from the plane it looks sick this year.

My flight over was pretty mellow and without any planning Charlie Timmins and I ended up on the same flight so I ended up sitting next to him and having a chat on the way over. I was then greeted by the one, the only, Harry Pettit in Queenstown. Super stoked to see him as we have very similar personalities and we get a long as a result of that.

Charlie was greeted by Chris Booth and I was greeted by Harry

After dropping my bags off at Harry’s house he and I headed over to Wanaka. Harry had a physio apointment so while he did that I went and chilled with Jossi. Good to catch up with him again. Then after we all went out to dinner.

Such a sick way to start the trip.

Heading to Snowpark tomorrow so hopefully its sick. Stay tuned



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