July 2010

Thredbo Freeride series Big Air

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Today was the Big Air competition in Thredbo. It was perfect bluebird and was actually awesome to sit back relax and watch a competition for a change. Jordan Houghton The comp format was 3 runs which had to include a left and a rightside spin. It was awesome to see everyone throwing down. Although due… Read more »

Shit weather

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Due to the bad weather in Jindy and the mounatins latley I haven’t been able to ski to much. I did a little photoshoot last night which was cool. I think I ended up getting a few shots. Today Laura and I went to Canberra to go shopping which was pretty fun. I only ended… Read more »

The Way I See It

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Matchsitck Productions has just released the teaser for their new feature film ”The Way I See It”. Check it out. I think its dope.

Viva Glam

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Viva Glam is all done and dusted and it was a super fun night. It all started at about 7 when scott came over to start painting ourselves blue. It was super annouying paint because once it dried it was super itchy. Scott and I being painted blue The finished product Laura and I Luke… Read more »

Another day Shredding and another resting

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Had another day shredding at thredbo Yesterday. It was super fun as they re-built the park. They have two jumps in a row and a bunch of rails after that. Scott on the flat box Me Mid way through a front switch up blind 270 Scott on one of the 2 jumps.  I didnt ride… Read more »