Yesterday I went up to perisher to compete in the ”King of the mountain” competition which is basically a series which includes a pipe, slopestyle and big air event. Each event has a 1st place prize of $1000 and the overall winner get a PS3 and a further $500.

First event of the day was pipe. I have to say I was really intimidated even though the pipe was only 18ft. I hadn’t skied pipe in about 3 years so to try tricks in it again was pretty scary.

My run for pipe was 9, straight air, 5, right 3, switch 3. I didnt think I was going to beat fellow aussie skier Jordan as he is way better at pipe then me but I some how managed to pull of a win. This is the first pipe result in 3 years and I am stoked on it.

Mid way through my 9 

Jordan Mid way through his run

Straight after the pipe comp finished the slopestyle training began. The course was super fun. 4 jumps in a row with rail options. I had a super good time and ended up coming first in this as well ahead of Jordan and Jonny.

Jordan mid way through a switch 10 blunt on the last jump

Jordan and I after the comp

My slope run was switch 7, switch right 7, switch 9, dub 10. I can’t wait to go ski the last jump again. Super fun. I think tomorrow we are ment to have some new snow so I might head to thredbo and shoot some photo’s.

Stay tuned for more from downunder



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