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So as I am writing this everyone is currently packing their bags preparing for the journeys to other parts of the world. is done and dusted for yet another year.


So this year the weather gods decided to go against us bringing rain to the event. This is the first time I have ever been to in the rain. All the athletes were unsure if the event would go ahead because it was raining so much.

This was what was at our hotel. A whole heap of Umbrella’s

They decided to hold practise and left the decision up to the riders on whether the jump was safe or not to hold a competition on. Everyone was throwing down in practise so we decided to go ahead with the comp.

The rain was coming down hard during the event

Unfortunatley for me the judges didnt seem to like my tricks. I was super stoked on them and stomped them both. For my style run I did a cork 7 true nose and my tech trick was a dub 10 double mute.I was kind of bummed as they took top 8 to Semi finals and I placed 9th

Qualifying to semi finals was as follows:

1st Elias Ambuel

2nd Henrik Harlaut

3rd Andreas Hatveit

4th PK Hunder

5th Bene Mayr

6th Sammy Carlson

7th Tom Wallisch

8th Simon Dumont

Ziggo and Fabio enjoying the rain

Semi Finals

Semi’s was just as crazy. Kind of bummed i had to be watching but I was stoked to see all my mates shred.

I was kind of suprised in with this as well as I thought Bene Mayr should have been in the finals. He did a sick flat 7 tail and a dub 10 high safety. But I guess stuff like this happens in judged sports.

Going through to the finals were:

1st Elias Amuel

2nd Henrik Harlaut

3rd Andreas Hatveit

4th Pk Hunder


In finals we saw some more crazy tricks being thrown. But everyone seemed to be having a little bit of trouble with the landing. Pk, as usual, was going huge but the landing was super soft so he would sink in and slid out on both runs. So stoked to see him back on snow again though. He kills it.

Andreas got 3rd with a dub 10 dub mute to dub japan. Sick to see him get that super crazy trick on such a small jump

Elias got 2nd with a new trick I havent see him do before. It was a dub 10 scissor grab. He grabs mute and his left hand grabs is right ski and he tweaks his ski’s apart

And of course Henrik came 1st with a sick switch dub 9. He went super deep and stomped it. So stoked for him.

Henrik on his winning jump

I cant believe it is all finished. Looking forward to next year already. The next few weeks I am going to be pretty busy. I am flying back to Australia today to go and train on a jump up at thredbo. Hopefully I will have some new tricks for the other city Big air comps. Then I have a break and head to the beach for a week following that I think I will fly back to Austria for some training at hintertux and then the next comp will be London.

Stay tuned


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