September 2010

Jump is lookin good

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Went up to Thredbo to sit in the cat with Charles Beckinsale to help reshape the take off. I think we got it looking pretty good. It has a decent amount of pop. Tomorrow we will make the landing steeper and hopefully have a session if the winds die down. To give you an idea… Read more »

One Hit Wonder

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Sorry for the lack of post’s. I have been skiing the kicker up at thredbo and coming down super tired. Turns out the jump Charles built is awesome. Super super smooth and super fun. So stoked on it. The first day of jumping was amazing. Everybody was stepping up thier game. Charlie timmins and Jordan… Read more »

The weather just doesnt want to clear

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The weather over the mountains wont clear which is super annouying because I want to go skiing REALLY BAD. The rain in victoria has been a lot worse than in NSW. Vicotria is experiencing severe floods in areas. I thought the Thredbo river was flooded ( last picture in previous post) but these pictures from… Read more »

More bad weather

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I have had it with the weather. It just doesnt seem to want to clear. Today was windy and it rained the whole day, not only in town, but up in┬áthe ski fields as well. Laura and I went to the Japanese restaurant in town for lunch. Its super good food. View of the shit… Read more »