October 2010

Sunshine Coast

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Made the trip from Jindy to the sunshine coast in Queensland last wednesday for some much needed beach time. I am kind of slacking on the blog posts as the internet here seem like it is from a 3rd world country, its horrible. Any way yesterday we spent the whole day at the beach. It… Read more »

Jet settin

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Tomorrow I am hoping on another flight back to europe. Heading to Hintertux Glacier. Can’t wait to ski a bit before more city big air comps. Next comp on the list is London Freeze Stay Tuned Russ


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I have been home for about 3 days now. I have kept myself pretty busy. I went up to Thredbo for 2 sessions on the kicker. The 1st was during the day and we just did some mellow tricks the 2nd was a night time shoot and I got some cool shot’s of a 5… Read more »