Amsterdam / Texel

Here is some photo’s showing my latest adventures in Amsterdam and also of my quick visit to Texel. (The island that laura’s dad was born in)

There are so many bikes infront of our hotel. 

Amsterdams ”redlight” district

This was inside the sex museum

Today we jumped on the train and then a boat to the island laura’s dad was born on. Laura was reall excited to say the least.

The dykes keep the sea out of Texel as it is below sea level

These boys are all through Texel

A windmill

This is the house lauras dad, Ardy, Grew up in

Laura looking over the inlet and the ocean

Some bikes at the Texel Beach

Texel beer. YUM

We have 2 more days in Amsterdam and then have another 4 or 5 days to chill before flying to the US. Any ideas on where I should go?




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