December 2010


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Went out on the lake today. Laura’s dad has a boat and it was so much fun. Took 2 tubes out and cruised around the lake for a couple of hours. New years eve so I am heading into town to start drinking with mates. Russ

Woden skate park

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Drove up to Canberra today to skate at Woden skate park. The park there is retarded. There is a huge bowl/carving section and also a smaller street section. The weather was sick and it definitely felt like summer as it was 33C at lunch time. The concrete at the park was so hot you could… Read more »


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Went to Sydney yesterday to see my grandma and PA. It was good to catch up with them as I hadn’t seen them for about 12 months. I also saw my aunty and her family The big Marino in Golbourn My grandma. She is in hospital at the moment. She is making a fast recovery… Read more »


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Had a mellow day today. Went for a walk along the lake and the bounced on my tramp with Laura. Going to Sydney tomorrow to visit my grandma before I fly back to CO Stay tuned Russ

iPhone 4

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Just got my iPhone 4 for Christmas and it’s a fun little toy. Summer is amazing and I need to figure out a way to have more of it