December 2010

Dew Tour

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Registration is tonight and training is tomorrow. I had a day off today so I would be fresh for tomorrow. The first feature for the course is kind of crazy. I have no idea what I am going to do.

Breck and fridge

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Went up to breck kinda late today. Slept until 11 because I was so tired. Pretty shitty weather at breck but the snow was super fun. We lapped the park and worked on smaller tricks that will help for dew tour. I put my hands up in the air sometimes. Singing aayyyy ohhhh gotta let… Read more »

Fun Day At Keystone

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Had a sick day at Keystone today. Got my tricks for dew tour so I am stoked. Bobby and Colby both got to test the Dew Tour course today and they said it was sick. Im getting excited for dew now. Here is a pic from me being stupid on the way home from keystone:… Read more »

Day Off

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Not much to say. Went to copper to watch practice for the Grad Prix. Pretty boring to watch as there was a lot of new snow and nobody seemed to be able to get speed. Then went to woodward, had some dinner, then played some PS3 with Lasse, PK and Colby Its ment to be… Read more »