December 2010


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Went up to Keystone again and it was a pretty sick day. I got to test out the big jumps which I really really like. Only problem was the landings were a bit hard. I have been working on my tricks for dew tour and its coming together nicely. Obviously I was to busy skiing… Read more »


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Went up to Keystone today hoping that the big jumps would be open and ready to ride. They were not even close to being ready and it was windy so for half of the day even the small jumps were closed. I did have a pretty fun time riding the rails though. Only takes a… Read more »


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So I arrived in breckenridge and I am super stoked on the house ive got with colby for the season. Yesterday Colby and I headed up to keystone even though the weather wasn’t so great. The park up there, even though its small, is so much fun. Colby was having fun at keystone Today we… Read more »