January 2011

Just Finished watching pipe Semi Finals

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Just got back from the venue. I think I might have lost several toes today due to how bloody cold it was. I tried everything to warm them up but nothing would work. Glad im back in my warm hotel room. Pipe is pretty sick to watch but there is no way I would ever… Read more »

Made it to killington. Its freezing here!

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  When flying on domestic flights I always think it’s going to be fast and easy, nothing like an international flight. But they take just as much energy to accomplish. Laura and I woke up at 5.30 in a pretty shitty airport hotel in Denver. Our flight didn’t leave until 8.30am but the stupid hotel… Read more »

The travel’s begin

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Just got to denver. Got the CME from breck to Denver and it turns out they dont cater for tall people. My legs suffered for the whole trip and were locked when we arrived. Got a hectic couple of weeks ahead of me. Constant travel. Here is my schedule: 20th-23rd Dew Tour Killington 25th-29th X… Read more »