Park City

Just made it to Park City for the world champs. I am super tired and sore after such a hectic schedule at X games. In big air I went all out and attempted a triple which I brought to my feet but ended up crashing and eating the most shit I have ever eaten. Today I actually feel like I was hit by a truck. Im stoked though because I am pretty sure I will be able to do it on a big jump later in the season.

I have training tomorrow for world champs here in Park City. I am planning on taking it super super easy as I am sore and tired. I think I will check the course and chill and try have a bit of fun on my ski’s. I forgot to take photos today but here are some from X games that I want to share with you (even though you have probably seen them) as I am so stoked on what I acheived.

This was during Quali at X. Dub 10 dub mute

This was during my finals run. Switch dub 9 japan

Looking over that cheering crowd is one of the best times of my life.

To get one of these has been a dream of mine. Can’t beleive it has come trueKeep checking back for more from world champs here in Park City


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