April 2011

JOI quali

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Just finished up with quali here at JOI. had a bit of a tough time but im still stoked. I placed 9th. Went way to big on triple 14 and landed back seat. Stoked for finals tomorrow. Here is a shot of a triple in practice:


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So for those of you who don’t know. Im stuck in stockholm until next monday. I really wish I could be in the states filming but on the other hand I could also be stuck in worse places. Today a lot of the guys finally were able to fly out of sweden. So that ment… Read more »

Joi Arrival

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I made it to Sweden. We arrived yesterday to a limo at the airport full of beer and loud music. This is where our first party in Sweden began. I am just chilling here at the hotel before we go and practise with Pekka Hyssalo and to see how much he has recovered from his… Read more »