April 2011


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Just about to leave Pk’s house. I have just finished up two more days of filming with Field. First day was kind of shitty but the 2nd day I definitely got some shots. This next week I will be at the JOI. Its one of the competitions I look forward to going to every year…. Read more »

JOSS Awards

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Not much happened today as everyone once again was pretty hung over from partying. Last night was the team canada party which I have to say was super fun and those guys killed it. The highlight of today was doing a poster signing in town in a blizzard haha. It was cool to see how… Read more »

Im back at Pk’s house

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I just got back from what was one of the most frustrating but at the same time awesome shoots I have ever been on. We spent 9 days in a cabin waiting for weather. The weather ruined the snow and destroyed our jumps which we had to rebuild by hand. But in the end it… Read more »

Chill time

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Feels so good to relax finally. To bad it wont last for much longer. Off to shoot with msp soon. Santa Monica pier and beach. Such warm hot weather here it is amazing. Im heading down to Santa Monica again today to the Redbull headqauters to pick up some gear. Russ


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Long time no post. But I have a good reason. I have been in Stranda norway trying to get shots. We are staying in a pretty sick cabin but the only down fall is we have no internet. Me and PK out in the elements So far it has been a super unproductive shoot. We… Read more »