May 2011


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So yesterday was a pretty long day. My dad and I flew to Sydney to meet one o the best knee specialists in the country. It only took him 5 minutes to figure out what I had done and it wasn’t good. Apparently I have torn my Acl and I will need surgery. All my… Read more »


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So after talking about it all season and debating on different designs I finally made the commitment, and went to Canberra and put new wheels and tyre’s on my car. I also splurged and bought an amp and new speakers for my car as well. Looking forward to Monday because that’s when my speakers will… Read more »


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I made it to Sydney. Surprisingly the 14 hour flight went really fast. I guess thats what you get in Business. Next stop canberra.

Home Bound

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So since the last session of the jump not to much has happened. I went down in that session and ended up hurting my knee. I am still unsure of what it is exactly so I will be flying home to Australia tomorrow to get it seen to and hopefully start rehabing and getting ready… Read more »

Aleyeska day 2 + 3

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So day two was pretty good. We all got to hit the jump and we had a really good session on it. Lots of tricks went down and the shots from this shoot are looking really good. Day 3 was pretty bad for everyone except Bobby. We were all having trouble with the wind but… Read more »