June 2011


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I cant’ even begin to explain to you guys how stoked I am right now. Yesterday I went to Sydney to meet with redbull and then visit my Doctor. The Redbull meeting was super productive and I am stoked on eveything that we discussed in the meeting. From the meeting we went over to the… Read more »

A couple edits

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First edit is of Dhanu Sherpa. Its his season Edit from breckenridge. The 2nd edit is rom Boen Furguson. Its a couple of runs through the park at Perisher.


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So after my last session with the physio, I was given the go ahead to get back in the gym. I am limited to the leg exercises I can do but I can train upper body like normal which is good because it is giving me something to do during the day. I have another… Read more »

Another update from J-town

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I thought I was going to be incredibly bored after surgery. I thought I would be sat around wishing I could ski or skate or do something productive. But to be honest I have been super active, hanging out with mates, going to the cinema and playing playstation with friends. The hinge is actually going… Read more »

Knee Surgery Interview

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Here is a little interview I did yesterday with mountain watch. Make sure to check out the website here:¬†www.mountainwatch.com RUSS HENSHAW – The Post Knee Surgery Interview¬†14th of June 2011 A quote from Russ’s blog “So after talking about it all season and debating on different designs I finally made the commitment, and went to… Read more »