Another update from J-town

I thought I was going to be incredibly bored after surgery. I thought I would be sat around wishing I could ski or skate or do something productive. But to be honest I have been super active, hanging out with mates, going to the cinema and playing playstation with friends.

The hinge is actually going really well. I am walking almost normal and the physio has given me the go ahead to start doing 4 -5 body weight squats a day. I can also sit on a stationary bike and peddle for 10 minutes as well. I am super stoked on the progress and I hope I can continue the steady recovery.

Doing leg squats at physio, Its tiring but im stoked I can do them

Had a fire, played guitar and had a fish the other day with Boen, Hanno and Hugh

Hanno enjoyin the fire

I guess I’ll write another post in the next few days if something interesting happens


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