I cant’ even begin to explain to you guys how stoked I am right now. Yesterday I went to Sydney to meet with redbull and then visit my Doctor. The Redbull meeting was super productive and I am stoked on eveything that we discussed in the meeting.

From the meeting we went over to the Doctors. I was a little nervous to see what the Doctor was going to say about my knee. But in the end he was happy with my progress and said I was ahead of schedule since I’d only had surgery about 3 – 4 weeks ago. He also just so happened to give me the go ahead to start riding my bike for rehab.

So today, since the doc gave me the ok, I went on a huge ride after a weights session with Luke Kneller. The ride was awesome. It was about 10 km and took us about 1 hour to complete. Looking forward to the weeks to come and seeing the different rides we do.

Luke Kneller on his bike. His bike is dope

A pretty stoked russ, Half way in our ride and knee was feeling awesome.

Thats jindy in the background. Long way away

Stay tuned for more on my rehab and recovery over the next few months


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