July 2011

The last few days

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I haven’t been quite as busy which is nice. I have how ever still been going to the gym quite a bit. Yesterday was exactly 2 months since surgery and my knee is feeling amazing. Its a frustrating injury because I feel fine but I know the tendon isnt. Its basically a waiting game and… Read more »

Flat out.

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I have been super Busy over the last week or so. I have been heading up to Perisher for media, and also to help out with the course design and build for the first Night Slopestyle comp this season. The course turned out awesome and we had all good reports from the riders. It started… Read more »

Busy Busy Busy

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The last few days have been flat out. I have been working on a news report with the ABC on my career so far, the injuries I have sustained and the sport getting into the Olympics. I have done several Interviews as well as trying to get into the gym as well. Yesterday was basically… Read more »


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Check this video out of Gus Kenworthy doing a dub misty of a rail at camp of champions. In other news redbull just released an article on me. Check it out here.  

Gym time

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Had a pretty damn busy day. Started off by attending the RPM class at High Country Fitness. It’s basically a stationary bike class with an instructor telling you when to increase resistance and speed. Its one of the more challenging classes I have ever done and I would recomend it to everyone if you get… Read more »