Busy Busy Busy

The last few days have been flat out. I have been working on a news report with the ABC on my career so far, the injuries I have sustained and the sport getting into the Olympics. I have done several Interviews as well as trying to get into the gym as well.

Yesterday was basically interviews and I also had time to go on a bike ride as well. Pretty stoked I am able to get out and do things now. The first few weeks were painfully boring but as of late its getting better.

Interview down by lake Jindabyne.

Today I had to head up to perisher, which I have to tell you is annoying because I was watching all my friends riding and having fun skiing. I was up there to finish up my interviews with ABC. It all went well and we got it done rather quickly and I was able to head down to the gym again.

Perisher looked sick from the car park

Get buff time

Not sure on what I’ll be doing over the next few days but Ill keep you guys posted anyway.


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