Flat out.

I have been super Busy over the last week or so. I have been heading up to Perisher for media, and also to help out with the course design and build for the first Night Slopestyle comp this season.

The course turned out awesome and we had all good reports from the riders. It started off with a 9m down rail or down box, 30ft jump, a small step over jump or cannon box, a 45ft jump finishing up with a 55ft jump.

Bison X gets it done

Attaching the Box for the cannon feature

The cannon Box

The 9m Down rail and 9m down Box

I have also been super busy with interviews about my recovery, the sport getting into the Olympics and how my career started out. Here are to Interviews I did. One was live n the TODAY show! Kind of scary but I think it turned out ok.



I also just got some new gear fromĀ kibsclothing.com. Super stoked on the stuff they are making and would definitely make sure to check it out.

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