Gym time

Had a pretty damn busy day. Started off by attending the RPM class at High Country Fitness. It’s basically a stationary bike class with an instructor telling you when to increase resistance and speed.

Its one of the more challenging classes I have ever done and I would recomend it to everyone if you get the chance.

Following rpm I was back down at the gym to meet up with my physio to go through exercise and get my knee looked at. I am recovering super well and she now has me doing mini tramp exercises.

balacne workAfter that I played around with my website. Anybody have any idea how to put a slide show as my header? if so leave a comment and let me know how it’s done.

Then it was back to the gym for chest and triceps with my brother, Trevor.

trevor getting buff

Then I went down town to meet with some kids. It was thier birthday yesterday and thier dad was really hoping I could go and meet with them. I was super stoked to do so and the Kids seemed even more stoked. They even brought a marker and I was asked to sign a bunch of stuff. Pretty wierd feeling to think that people want your signature. Cool none the less.

The kids were STOKED!

Looks like tomorrow will be another day of gyming and possibly playstation.


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