August 2011

Tube My Ride

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Is a competition that has been running at Perisher for the last few years. Check out this video that my mate Ben Hanson Filmed. Boen Furguson is the skier and it would be cool for you guys to vote and help him out as he sustained a pretty bad injury yesterday and will be out… Read more »

Kicker time

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So not much has happened since my last post. Suprise suprise. I have been going to the gym a lot and I am starting to feel almost normal again. My legs are gaining strength every week and my cardio is getting so much better. Perisher and Chillfactor magazine have also teamed up to build a… Read more »

Perisher slopestyle

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All the rain we had over the previous week didn’t stop perisher from building a super nice slopestyle course! The day started with qualifying from 10am to 1pm. During qualifying I saw a lot of awesome riding and some sick tricks. In juniors I was surprised to see doubles being thrown which ultimatley secured the… Read more »

Perisher Park Rebuild

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After all the rain we had over the last few days I wasn’t to hopefull on how the park was going to be, how much snow we would have and how the cat would be able to move about in the slush. Turns out they didnt loose to much and the park was still in… Read more »

Not so busy

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I went up to Perisher two days ago to help chillfactor magazine find a location for a jump. We decided on building it on top of Mt. Perisher which looks over the main ranges and would supply, not only enough snow for the kicker, but also an awesome backdrop for the magazine. We have run… Read more »