Kicker time

So not much has happened since my last post. Suprise suprise. I have been going to the gym a lot and I am starting to feel almost normal again. My legs are gaining strength every week and my cardio is getting so much better.

Perisher and Chillfactor magazine have also teamed up to build a jump for next years magazine. So needless to say I have been up at Perisher helping design and build the feature. I have to admit, I really enjoy designing, building and shaping features. I guess it gives me a way to be involved with the sport I love even though I am not able to ski.

We built a Kicker and a cannon box. I think we did ok considering the lack of snow in the location. Definitley isnt the best spot to build a kicker but the backdrop is amazing!

Boen was up there hoping to test it, unfortunatley the wind was too strong, so he went for a plank.

Had a little break before we started shaping the sides and making the jump look pretty!

The crew hard at work.

Hopefully the wind dies down tomorrow and the boys can have a session. The crew that has been invited to hit the 78ft kicker is as follows, Boen Furguson, Jordan Houghton, Dhanu Sherpa and Jesse Houghton.


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