Not so busy

I went up to Perisher two days ago to help chillfactor magazine find a location for a jump. We decided on building it on top of Mt. Perisher which looks over the main ranges and would supply, not only enough snow for the kicker, but also an awesome backdrop for the magazine. We have run into a slight problem though, it began to rain today and from what I have heard from people who were up on the mountain, and from the snow report, they had quite a bit of rain. The jump may or may not work :(

The main range.

I have also been in the gym a lot lately. I bet you didnt guess that! My physio is super stoked on my progress and I think I am doing super well. I have started doing directional change running with my physio which is ment to be pretty scary, but to be honest, my knee feels practically normal. The Physio has had me running in figure 8′s outside while throwing weighted balls to me to catch.

I have also started a new weights program this week. Here are my split’s: Chest-Back, Shoulders-Arms and Legs. I do each body part twice a week and I also do abs every 2nd day. I also try and mix in cardio after 3-4 of my workouts a week.

Warm up on the bike.

I will be spending the next two nights up at Perisher helping with the course build for the slopestyle competition on saturday.

Stay tuned for updates from the build and from the upcoming competition!


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