Perisher Park Rebuild

After all the rain we had over the last few days I wasn’t to hopefull on how the park was going to be, how much snow we would have and how the cat would be able to move about in the slush.

Turns out they didnt loose to much and the park was still in ok condition. My job was to help with the course build for the slopestyle on saturday. We somehow managed to do a bunch of side jobs as well. We moved the battleship box, moved the down-flat-down, added a fat snow tube/stall bar and moved the snow making pipe.

After all of this was done we managed to start pushing for the slopestyle course. We built the pad for the first rail feature, which is being finished tonight, we also built the pad bigger for the 3rd jump and built the 4th jump into a decent size kicker.

We made the 4th jump into a 55ft gap, with a raised landing and built the take off up higher so the transition is longer. It is definatley not the biggest kicker I have helped build but I think it will work well for the comptition and I think a lot of the kids will have fun riding it.

I am heading back up to perisher tonight to help with the final shape and build of the course. Then Saturday is competition day and I will be up there helping.

// Russ

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