Perisher slopestyle

All the rain we had over the previous week didn’t stop perisher from building a super nice slopestyle course!

The day started with qualifying from 10am to 1pm. During qualifying I saw a lot of awesome riding and some sick tricks.

In juniors I was surprised to see doubles being thrown which ultimatley secured the win for Harrison Mccinnis.

In opens I had my money on either Jordan Houghton or Boen Furguson. Jordan qualified with a right 7 to dub 12 while Boen came super close to switch left 7 to switch dub 10 to the right (he spins to the right).

In the finals Jordan couldn’t keep it together and crashed both runs leaving the win ripe for the picking for Boen.
Boen ended up putting a solid run together, – the switch double which he didn’t need to do anyway!

I also had a few things to take care of through out the day. I had to help with the presentation and also do some interviews and take some photo’s for
Perisher. I did some of these interviews and photos with none other than Torah Bright and Anna Segal.

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