I have been coming to for the last 4 years now and I have to say this year was a depressing but cool at the same time. Depressing because I had to watch all my friends skiing and having a good time but it was also cool because I got to experience the event from a different view. Being a spectator is a pretty cool thing to do but it is definitley something I do not want to get used to.

As always the skiing was of a super high level. Everyone was skiing super well with a lot of standout tricks being done. The teck tricks that stood out to me were done by Elias, Jossi and Gus. Elias, I dont know how he does it, but he does a dub 10 mute with a huge tweak. Jossi, was doing sick switch dub 10 saftey’s and Gus had the best dub 12 of the day, dub 12 blunt.

The style tricks that stood out from the others for me were Andreas Hatveit, Tom Wallisch and Pk Hunder. Andreas did a trick which I have only ever done on really small jumps (and mine look horrible haha), a switch misty 5, I think?. Wallisch pulled off a Lolo Farve inspired double grab flat 7 with a textbpook wallisch landing and PK is in my opinion one of the smoothest skiers there is, with a cork 7 nose mute.

In my opinion a few people should have been in finals that didnt actually make it, but I guess thats the way a judged sport goes and sometimes you make it and sometimes you dont.

Making it to finals was as follows (Correct me if I get the order a little wrong ):

Jossi wells

Tom Wallisch

Kai Maller

Elias Ambuel

Andreas Hatveit

Gus Kenworthy

Alex Schlopy

Marcus Eder

Gus was pretty stoked!

Jossi with a sitch 5 saftey

Gus warming up

Mr Jon Olsson

Heading over to the venue now to watch the finals


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