Semi finals and finals

So I’ll start with the qualification. What can I say, city big air skiing has been pushed to a new level by the athletes this year.

The format for semi finals was the same as qualification with 1 style trick and 1 tech trick needed to advance. A couple of people seemed to being having a few issue’s, Gus snapped a ski, Schlopy had a severe case of jetlag and a few people were taking some good spills. But in the end the top 4 advaning to finals were Kai Mahler (Sw dub mist 12 – Switch 540 scremen seamen critcal), Elias Ambuel ( cork 1440 – switch 5 Japan and critical), Jossi wells ( Switch dub 10 saftey – zero spin saftey) and Andreas Hatveit ( dub 10 Octo – switch flair?)

Andreas with his switch flair saftey

Elias switch 5 japan critical

Jossi with a SICK zero

Then the finals began. The level this year was rather intense. First run Jossi was unable to stick his switch dub 10, Elias landed his cork 1440 taking first with a 93.75, Kai crashed his switch dub misty 12 and Andreas crash his dub 10 octo.

So it came down to the 2nd run. First up was Andreas, he played it safe and stomped a dub 10 mute. Jossi then backed it up with a switch dub 10 saftey, claiming first. Next was Elias, he managed to pull off his ski while attempting a 1620 mute. All eyes were on Kai, he had to stick his switch dub misty 12, which he did, but it just wasn’t enough to overtake Elias.

Your 2011 champ is Elias Ambuel!

Elias mid 1440

All smiles in the finish!

I now have a week in Innsbruck with mr Paddy Graham. Hopefully I can get in the gym, train and getting stronger than ever for next season!


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