Made the trip from Zurich to Innsbruck. Pretty sweet trip through the mountains. I always forget how big the mountains are here until I get back. It’s the complete opposite to Australia thats for sure.

As soon as we arrived we went into a meeting with volkl about the ski designs for next year and I am super stoked on the look of the volkl wall’s. Cant show you guys any pictures though ;)

Then following the meeting we went for a hike. I haven’t been able to do to much in Australia because of the cold weather and snow but I really need to start doing it more. By the end of the hike I was exhausted and my legs were shaking. Unfortunatley my knee is a little sore after the hike, not my right one (acl) but my left one. It tends to ache if I do to much on it or put to much stress on my patella.

The next week I am planning on training and I will hopefully go and visit the Redbull HQ. I’ve never been and I’ve heard some good things!


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