Me Knee is feeling better than ever

Today Tobi and I decided to go for a hike. As I mentioned the other day, I only went about half way and my legs were fatigued and I was tired. Today I pushed my self and went all the way to the top. I have never in my life hiked anything as big as this. Im stoked I did it and I’m even more stoked on how my knee felt during and after the hike.

Only down side to the day Is I spent the whole hike with my shirt off. I kept asking Tobi ‘Am I burning dude?’ ‘I feel like I’m burning’ with the response of ‘Nah man your fine, you could do with a tan anyway’. I now have a lobster back :(

Climbing up some steep shit

Enjoying the View

The view from the back side of the mountain!

Sick Little Bird

Tomorrow we have an 8 hour road trip to Annecy for IF3. Should be SICK


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