October 2011


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Today I have been trying to keep busy by doing a bunch of exercise. The gym was closed so I did a bunch of cardio which included hill sprints in the morning and a bike ride this afternoon. Everyday that passes my knee seems to feel stronger and stronger and my confidence is growing at… Read more »

First Dubs on tramp

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Decided to test my knee a little more so I had a crack at doing some doubles. The double back was fine but the dub misty 9 felt a little awkward. I am stoked though because I should be good when I start skiing. In other news. I just booked my flights to Europe and… Read more »

Testing the knee

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Shity weather here in Jindabyne again which is kind of driving me crazy. I decided to try keep myself amused so I went to the gym and did a leg workout with Harry and Charles. Then this afternoon I went to the trampoline center and had a bounce. Feels good to be back in the… Read more »


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So today I went up to Sydney with Harry and my Dad to do a bunch of things. First on the list was an interview with channel 10 about my knee, my recovery and the role my Dad played. Checking in. Kind of over traveling right now. The interview. Then after the interview I went… Read more »

The good times keep on coming

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Had my first bounce on a trampoline today with Charles Beckinsale. I couldn’t be happier. I obviously kept it pretty mellow but it felt good to do some tricks again.