So today I went up to Sydney with Harry and my Dad to do a bunch of things. First on the list was an interview with channel 10 about my knee, my recovery and the role my Dad played.

Checking in. Kind of over traveling right now.

The interview.

Then after the interview I went over to north Sydney to see my doctor about my knee. I was kind of nervous about what he would say. I knew I had worked super hard the last 5 months but I just wasn’t sure on how he would think my recovery had gone.

As soon as he had done the test’s and had a feel of my knee I realised I had been doing the right thing. He was super stoked on my knee and he said he hadn’t seen so much muscle put back on the recovering leg. He said I am super strong and I should be right to ski at 6 months. Considering I am only at 5 months this is awesome news!

Stoked on the news.

I am now going to start to figure out when I will fly and where I can go ski. Can’t wait to go and ski again. Its been way too long!


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