November 2011

Another epic day at Solden

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Had so much fun today skiing around the mountain. Although I may have skied a little to long as my knee is a little bit sore and feels a little tired. We met up with a few friends on the glacier today. Mr Bene Mayr and his girlfriend Marissa Fromm, Fabio Studer and his Girlfriend… Read more »

First day in the park

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Although the park was small, I still had a heap of fun skiing. I did a few small jumps and also slid some rails. Felt wierd to jump and slide rails at first, but I am pretty sure that was because its been 6 months since i did them last. After a few laps I… Read more »

I’m BACK – first day skiing

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Today was the day I have been waiting for for the last 6 months and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be. Laura and I woke up super early because of jet lag, so we pretty much got dressed and went skiing straight away. My knee actually felt normal. I was… Read more »

Europe, I made it

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Wow, that has to be the longest trip I do. Pretty glad its over but now I have to try and fight the jet lag, thats going to be tough. The trip isn’t so bad when you have access to this: Yup thats right, a shower. I had a shower in Singapore after an 8h… Read more »

New Camera

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I bought a new camera yesterday and I am stoked. I got an Olympus Pen EPL-3. Super fun to start learning a little mroe about photography. I went out with Zac, who also happened to get a new camera, and played with my camera trying to figure out the different settings and the different lenses… Read more »