Another epic day at Solden

Had so much fun today skiing around the mountain. Although I may have skied a little to long as my knee is a little bit sore and feels a little tired.

We met up with a few friends on the glacier today. Mr Bene Mayr and his girlfriend Marissa Fromm, Fabio Studer and his Girlfriend Jenie and Martin Misof.

I spent the morning doing laps with the girls as the guys were product testing for Nordica but once they were done we did a few laps together.

After lunch I went and skied the park with Bene which was awesome fun. Both Bene and I are at the same stage in our rehab for our knee’s so it was nice to ski with someone who I could talk with about the feelings I have in my knee while I ski.

Stoked I’m back on these

Always fun to hang out and ski with Bene

It 4:30 here now and I feel like I am about to fall asleep. I seem to be struggling really bad with Jet lag at the moment. I guess i have to try and stay awake a little later tonight as I woke at 5 this morning.

Going skiing again tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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