Europe, I made it

Wow, that has to be the longest trip I do. Pretty glad its over but now I have to try and fight the jet lag, thats going to be tough. The trip isn’t so bad when you have access to this:

Yup thats right, a shower. I had a shower in Singapore after an 8h flight and one in London after a 13h flight. Having a shower mid trip helps to stop the shitty, sweaty feeling you usually have when you arrive.

Getting some facebook and twitter time in between flights!

When we arrived in Munich we had a 3h car ride to hour hotel. The hotel we are staying at is super pimp. Volkl has really hooked it up for the 2 weeks we are here.

Laura was super jet lagged at lunch

The View from our hotel. As you can see there is no snow at all.

At the moment the plan is to ski in Obergurgl for the weekend and then I think on Monday we will go to Solden and see if they have a little park.

I will report back tomorrow after my first ski :)



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