New Camera

I bought a new camera yesterday and I am stoked. I got an Olympus Pen EPL-3. Super fun to start learning a little mroe about photography. I went out with Zac, who also happened to get a new camera, and played with my camera trying to figure out the different settings and the different lenses I have for it. Here are a few shots:

Zac and his new Camera

Laura’s sausage dog!

Back 180

Front Board up the rail

In other news, my bags are packed and I am flying to Euro land. I am going skiing in Solden for a little over a week. Im looking forward to getting back on snow. (3 more sleeps and then I’ll be clicking into my ski’s)

I’ll let you know how the travels go. Should be sweet!


PS. I signed a helmet for Oscar today. Seemed liked he was stoked. What do you think?

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