December 2011

Awesome day

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Colby entertained us and took us to a basketball game and let me drive his corvette. So much fun! Denver vs Pheonix Colby and laura The Corvette I am about to jump on a plane. Off to Whistler today. Can’t wait to go to Canada because I have never been before, as crazy as that… Read more »

Dew Tour Finals

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What a rough day. It was snowing and windy and the speed for the jumps was super scketchy. First run was pretty shitty for me. On the 3rd jump I set for a sw dub 9 and didn’t set enough flip so I crashed which ment i had a lot of pressure for my last… Read more »

Dew tour Semi-Finals

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Today was Semi-finals for Dew Tour. I went up at 8am for training and skied until 9.45. I figured out a few more things on the course. There is definitely one trick I’m not happy with, but I think that there is not much I am going to be able to do about it because… Read more »