Awesome day

Breckenridge has hands down the best park in the world right now. I went up to the hill with the mindset that I would just have fun, cruise and actually ski instead of putting pressure on my self to learn and perfect tricks.

That went out the window as soon as I started skiing. I actually ended up learning a new trick, switch dub 12, which I have had in my head for a long time but I have never actually gone for it.

I did a bunch of switch 7′s to set up for the trick and it was feeling good so I went for it. Turns out it was a good idea as I landed it first go. I did 3 or them and on the 3rd I went to the bottom of the landing and landed backseat, which definitely didn’t feel to good on my knee. That’s when I decided to hit th small jumps and have some fun :)

Super stoked!

Checking out footage!

Mid switch dub!

Set up switch 7

Looking forward to skiing with everyone over the next week. Hopefully the sun stays out so I can work on a few other tricks before I start to travel to the next dew tour.


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