Back in Breck

I guess thats Xgames for another year. Last night was Big Air and I have to say, it was one of the toughest things I have had to watch. I skied the practice session as there was still a chance to make it into the competition.

Pk was 1st alternate and I was 2nd. Pk made it in because Alex Schlopy dropped out of the event due to a nagging knee injury from slopestyle. I on the other hand didn’t get the chance to compete and had to watch everyone else ski. I felt like I was skiing well in practice. I landed a few different double cork variations which I was stoked on.

The event was crazy. Congrats to Bobby for throwing some of the smothest double cork 12′s I have ever seen. Kai Mahler is nuts and almost landed a switch double misty 1620 and I am also super stoked to see Jossi back on the podium. Gus was also getting some sick switch doubles. If he can get the switch double cork 12 blunt that he was trying, my mind will be blown haha. I also hope Sammy Carlson is all good. He went down super hard on a sick looking double cork 1620.

I am back in Breck now and I am hoping the weather is good so I can learn some tricks and do some filming. I need to learn some tricks for the cmpetitions that are coming up and also for the comp’s that are later in the season.

Stay tuned


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