January 2012

Another fun day

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Breck is so much fun. It was unfortunately to windy to jump on the big line. The other guy’s did a lap through and in the end we all decided to ride the medium jumps and some rails. Bobby doing a backflip Colby Me, switch 5 Thinking I might have a day off again tomorrow…. Read more »


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The last two day’s I have been crusing around Breck with Bobby, Jossi, Woodsy and Colby. The park here is unreal. It’s crazy to see how good the park is but then when you look around the rest of the mountain, there isn’t much snow anywhere else. I have been trying to learn some tricks… Read more »


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Yesterday Laura and I jump on two flight’s and made our way back to Denver, a pit stop before heading up to Breckenridge. The flights were all smooth, the only problem was that we didn’t arrive into Denver until 12.30 so by the time we had got all our bags and made our way to… Read more »