February 2012

Chill day

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Decided to have a day in Geneva before we fly out. Little did we know, they pretty much close the city down on a Sunday. So after we spent 30mins getting into the city, and walkng around for a while, we realised everything was shut so we made our way back to the hotel and… Read more »

Frostgun 2012

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The whole week I have been unsure of whether the competition would happen or not. The jump, for the first few days I was here, wasn’t clearable. The park crew went to work and made the jump shorter and raised the knuckle. Luckily it worked and the comp went ahead as scheduled. We couldn’t have… Read more »


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Sorry for the lack of posts but I just made it to france where I have super super shitty internet. Anyway the trip went well. Went really fast and all my bags showed up so I am stoked. Just finished the training session at the frostgun big air. The jump is built way better than… Read more »

I made it to France

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Laura drinking coffee to try and stay awake! I made it to Val Thorens for the Frostgun big air competition. The trip was pretty easy, although I didn’t get any sleep on the flight and ended up being awake for almost 40 straight hours. I managed to get some rest last night but I am… Read more »