Another day in Cali

Had a super fun day in Mammoth today. Although it was super windy, it didn’t really matter as there wasn’t really any good jumps so we skied rails all day long.

The Grand Prix course looks like it is coming together nicely. I thought I would share some pics with you of what the course is looking like:

First feature is a down box or down rail

feature 2 is a down rail or down-flat-down rail

The next feature is a high tube or a wierd wall ride with ledges

After the top 3 rail features there is 4 jumps. Here is a few different shots of the different jumps. I couldn’t get a shot of jump one because of the tree’s that were in the way on the lift.

Jump number 2. First jump is pretty similar to this one

Jump 3 and 4

Jump 4 is looking really sick

Not sure if I will ski or not tomorrow as my knee has a little swelling in it. Hopefully its all good!


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