March 2012

Frostgun Report

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If you missed the Frostgun action, here is a little video of how the event went down. Can’t wait for next year. Frostgun Invitational 2012 from FROSTGUN on Vimeo. It’s been raining all day here in Barcelona. Just my luck. Hopefully it clears tomorrow. Russ


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So I ran into a problem the other day. My computer decided to quit working and I have been without a laptop. I guess now you know why I haven’t been blogging. Any how, everything is sorted and I am back up and running. I bought a mac book air today which I think will… Read more »


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Well this finals was probably the worst and at the same time the most frustrating I have had in a long time. Training in the morning was feeling really good. I had done my run a couple of times and had stepped it up from eliminations. I was super stoked on it and I was… Read more »


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I am so stoked i made finals at Xgames again. Everything kind of fell into place today. I was having fun, then sun was out and the course was really sick today. First run I put down managed to get me 4th after everyone had dropped. I decided to try step it up a little… Read more »