I’m back on the blog boy’s and gal’s. It has been a hectic couple of days and I am super super tired from it all.

We arrived in Zurich and got picked up by the Volkl TM, Schinka, and he pretty much took us straight to a small ski town called Andermatt. The plan was to shoot for 2 days for a new top secret powder jib ski they are making.

Andermatt. This town has been cut off from the rest of Switzerland two times this season because of the huge snowfalls they have

Those two days turned out to be the longest days on snow I have had all season. The first day we began skiing at 830am and finished at 5pm. We spent the day inbounds but managed to find a few things we could shoot. The 2nd day we went out at 8.30am and came back at 630pm. What made it hard, for both days, was the amount of hiking I did. I had to hike every feature we decided to shoot, and some of the hikes were really hard work.

I will be the first to admit, I am not a back country skier, but I did have a shit load of fun doing it, even if I was only sticking 50% of the things I was going for. The one feature I was stoked on hitting was a step down, hip kind of feature. I was planning on doing a 360 and going maybe 45ft. 45ft would be enough airtime for the photographer and it would also be enough for the filmer. I dropped in with no idea what speed to take and ended up going way to big. I went around 65ft but crashed. I realised I could go a little bigger and hit another part of the landing that I had not thought would be do-able before I hit the jump. 2nd try I hiked up another 5 or 10m and took a bit more speed. This time I went around 80 or 85ft and managed to somehow land. Pretty cool feeling to land something that big in the backcountry.

Just after I landed. I was blown away with how much further I went than I had planned. 

The plan now is to hopefully shoot a kicker with Elias Ambuehl about 1h down the road from where I am staying. I will shoot that for the next 3 days and then I am heading to Sweden for JOI ;)


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