April 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

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Not much to report from good ol’ Whistler. I have been wanting to ski super bad with Colby and PK but since its been shit weather we haven’t had too much to do. I have only skied twice since the WSI finished. Yesterday we occupied ourselves by going golfing. I haven’t golfed in ages and… Read more »

Whistler relaxation

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So since the WSI festival has finished. I have taken the opportunity to have a break and relax for a while with Colby and PK before everything starts back up again. I think my body needs it as my knee is still kind of sore after the Big Air. Here is my schedule for the… Read more »

WSI Big Air

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By now you guys have all probably seen the press release’s about last night. But for those of you who haven’t yet, I finally go on the podium It was a tough night though. I was debating if I should go in it all night. There were several reasons I didn’t think I should do… Read more »

Another Tough Day

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Today was a rough one for me. Training in the morning went well and I thought I had a run that would qualify me to finals. Turns out it wasn’t enough and I needed to step in up from a 9 over the transfer to a 12, even though a lot of athletes were doing… Read more »

Training for WSI

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Training for Wsi hasn’t been what I was hoping for. Yesterday it dumped snow and was low visibility all day which, as you can imagine, is horrible for trying to get your tricks dialled for a competition. I did straight airs all day, which I guess is good because I figured out the speed for… Read more »