Rain Rain Go Away

Not much to report from good ol’ Whistler. I have been wanting to ski super bad with Colby and PK but since its been shit weather we haven’t had too much to do. I have only skied twice since the WSI finished. Yesterday we occupied ourselves by going golfing. I haven’t golfed in ages and I surprised myself and actually did a few good shots.

Then today I got back up on the hill and had a blast. Its really touch and go with the weather ┬áhere, and when we got up there it was horrible weather but then cleared and was sunny and slushy. So much fun doing park laps again, I haven’t done that too much this season!

It was horrible when I arrived this morning, and then it got progressively better and then before you knew it, it was blue bird

I am heading up in the cat with Charles Beckinsale tomorrow night to check out the MSP jump and hopefully get the final touches on the take off before the shoot starts.


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